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We believe that education is the stepping stone to success. Our learners get a total education. In the scholastic (academic) classes they get the chance to fill their place in society. In our practical centres they get the opportunity to learn practical skills and skill (handiness).
On the sports field and during cultural activities, they learn about healthy competition and sporting skills.



Belvedere School provides for the needs of learners with special scholastic needs and learning disabilities. The need to help learners with disabilities is becoming increasingly necessary. In the Benoni area there are no schools for learners with special learning disabilities and severe mental disabilities. Therefore, urgent attention must be given to this.

A variety of factors, such as mental sensory, neurological and developmental possibilities, weakening, psychological disorders, differences in mental ability, particularly difficult life experiences or socio-economic decay, non-recognition or involvement of parents with their children, inappropriate and inadequate support services and learners with behavioural problems, leads to the emergence of different learning needs. Belvedere School has learners with learning difficulties due to tremendous poverty.

Learners experience barriers to learning development or develop a backlog during the learning process because the education and training system cannot accommodate learners with a variety of learning problems.

Belvedere School emphasizes the importance of including people with learning disabilities in the workplace, the social environment, the political environment and sport. The learner in his totality is therefore important.

Therefore, Belvedere School wants to empower the learners by using their individual strengths so that they can critically participate in the learning process themselves.

Belvedere School is passionate about the upliftment of learners, and to make up for the mistakes of the past.

The school motto is that if you care about yourself, you will also care for your family in the future.


The school moved to a building in Howard Avenue. The name remained the same. This school was the only special school on the East Rand.


In 1972, 'Benoni South School' moved to a brand-new school building in Uys Krige Street, Farrarmere, next to 'Government Village'.


The school's new name, 'Belvedere Special School', which means a place with a beautiful view, was selected from names like Panorama School, Mainland and Farrarmere School.


Belvedere started sport after the Farrarmere move and participated against other MID (Mildly Intellectually Disabled) schools.


The school also has a practical section, the centres because the learners have to learn practical skills. Therefore, the school's area consists of approximately 9 hectares of land.


Our school is located at one of the highest points on the East Rand, and it certainly has one of the best views of the East Rand and Johannesburg.

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